Albania 2022 – Ronela Hajati – Sekret

Albania 2022 – Ronela Hajati – Sekret

The Albanian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest was eagerly awaited, which did not disappoint this year either. Albania is becoming a stronger competitor at Eurovision, every new year is an improvement over the previous year, songs that are hungry for great success are chosen and I believe that in the near future Albania will sit on the throne of Europe.

This year’s representative of Albania is Ronela Hajati with the song Sekret. An unusual combination of pop ballads and ethno folk, two songs in one. I was delighted by this song in the first tone, it was immediately heard that this is the best Albanian song in the last decade. The Sekret contains brilliant elements, the beginning of a song with backing vocals that provoke goosebumps, then an ethno moment that invites to dance. Ronela has a beautiful voice that alternates in high and low tones, as a kind of reflection of light and darkness.

The song Sekret has the potential to create a brutal staging at Eurovision, to bring all the necessary dramaturgy. Ronela radiates self-confidence and the attitude of a world diva, which she showed in the national competition. She fully deserved the victory and I believe she can leave a big impression among Eurovision fans around the world.

I am sure that Albania will make it to the finals again and I would like the song to be entirely in Albanian because it keeps the exotic and captivates the audience. I have high expectations from Ronela, I hope for a surreal performance that will delight the whole of Turin.

As I have already said, Albania has its place in the final and if everything is arranged properly, at least the top 10 can be expected. Although we do not know what awaits us, I think Albania will be this year’s dark horse of the competition. I would like Albania to break the record and catch up with the best place so far, I really wish all the luck to Ronela . My rating for the song Secret is 8.5 / 10.

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