Armenia 2022 – Rosa Linn – Snap

Armenia 2022 – Rosa Linn – Snap

Armenia is again part of the competition after 2019 if we do not count the canceled 2020. Armenia has achieved several notable results, but are still awaiting their first victory. This year’s representative is Rosa Linn with the song Snap.

The song Snap is fantastic. Very modern, simple, and beautiful. The song sounds like it was sung by a world-famous singer, it just shows how good it is. A really pleasant surprise. It doesn’t have some traditional Armenian sound but I don’t see it as an objection.

This is a great choice for one comeback song and I think it can achieve a good result. Although Armenia is in the semifinals with Croatia and Iceland, whose songs are a bit like the song Snap, I think that Armenia has the best chance of reaching the finals.

One of the advantages of Armenia is that it closes the first semifinal evening, so it performs just before the voting lines open. The producers of the show have made a big favor for Armenia and that is why I think they will surely make it to the finals. But even if Armenia performs under a different number, there would still be great chances.

The Snap song is really good, light and simple and the sound is flawless. I just have good words for the song and I think it’s definitely entering the finals. How far it can go will depend on the staging. My rating for the song Snap is 8/10.

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