Big 6 predictions before rehearsals

Big 6 predictions before rehearsals

I don’t have any expectations from the countries that are in the finals every year. It has become commonplace for these countries not to achieve significant results, except for Italy which in my opinion was supposed to win in 2015 and 2019.

This year’s host is the Netherlands, which in my opinion has the worst song among the direct finalists. The song is beautiful in its own way but I don’t think it will be overly rewarded by either jury or audience and will likely be placed below 20th place.

Germany has a very interesting song and the placement will largely depend on live performance. If Jendrik transfers that playfulness to a live performance, I believe that Germany can be in the top 20. But it is still Germany, therefore, if we hear “I’m sorry, 0 points” again, we won’t be overly shocked.

I had high expectations of Spain given that last year’s song was great, but this year’s ballad is a complete failure in my opinion. I think this song of Spain will not delight either the jury or the audience, so I do not expect it to enter the top 20.

The United Kingdom has finally made an effort to choose a quality song. Embers is a great, refreshing pop song and I think it will achieve a great result. I predict it will be at least in the top 15.
I believe the UK will get equal points from both the jury and the audience.

As I mentioned before, I’m a big fan of Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest. And this year they have a phenomenal song that will be a silent favorite to win. If Italy has an amazing live performance I really think they will be among the favorites to win. I just hope the jury doesn’t damage them again with their points as well previous years.

France is a big favorite to win. I am 90% convinced that Barbara Pravi will win because her song is the right masterpiece. I expect a very simple live performance but more than that is not necessary because the song does all the magic. I think France will be the winner by the votes of the jury, and as far as the audience is concerned it’s a little harder for me to predict. Many Eurovision fans would not want to win France because it’s too classic or maybe they don’t want the ballad to win again. If Barbara wins the audience, to be at least in the top 3 I think that we are going to France next year because the song Voilà is pure winning material.

How do you predict the final result of these 6 countries?

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