Bulgaria 2021 – VICTORIA – Growing Up is Getting Old

Bulgaria 2021 – VICTORIA – Growing Up is Getting Old

Bulgaria, another strong favorite to win. Victoria brings us a wonderful story of growing up.

The song with the unusual title Growing Up is Getting Old is full of emotion, a touching song. The song begins slowly and then grows to the most emotional part. Really brings nostalgia for past times, it has childlike magic in it. A special, touching song.

Victoria completely exceeded my expectations, I believe it will win over both the audience and the jury. I believe Victoria can convey that fairytale magic to everyone in front of small screens in a live performance.

Many saw similarities between Victoria and Roxen, Bulgarian and Romanian Billie Eilish. Although I like both songs, however, Victoria left a bigger impression on me. Victoria has magic in her, really is specific.

I would not mind if Bulgaria wins this year, it would be deserved.
The competition is really strong but Bulgaria has shown how to get to the top. All performances of Bulgaria from 2016 onwards have been my favorites, I hope Sofia will in the near future finally be host the Eurovision Song Contest.

Victoria or Roxen? Which Victoria song do you like better?

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