Bulgaria 2022. Intelligent Music Project – Intention

Bulgaria 2022. Intelligent Music Project – Intention

Dear Eurovision fans welcome to another exciting season of this prestigious competition. It is quite unusual that we have the first Eurovision song at such an early stage. The long tradition of Albania opening the season has also been broken, this year by Bulgaria.

Thanks to Maneskin’s magnificent victory in Rotterdam, many of us already knew at the time that 2022 would certainly be richer with rock performances than it had been in previous years. Despite the great preferences for rock music, I really hope that most countries will not push with the Italian recipe for victory and that we will have a diverse offer of music.

The representative of Bulgaria for 2022 is the Intelligent Music Project with the song Intention. I don’t understand why the Bulgarian delegation decided to send a rock band when it’s hard to expect a rock song to win twice in a row. Bulgaria has held a very high standard at the Eurovision Song Contest in the last few years, so this choice is a big step backward. It’s also not clear to me why they released the song so early, which can make this song even more unheard of.

The song Intention is a simple, average, already seen rock song. It brings nothing innovative and is not the type of song that can grab the audience’s attention. The lyrics and message of the song are very good, but the overall impression is weak. Some elements are very good, such as instrumental towards the end of the song, but the course itself, which should be the key moment, is simply too weak and unimpressive. I think this choice is wrong for the Eurovision Song Contest, the song is not competitive and can hardly achieve a significant result.

I would love to listen to that song on the radio, but I don’t think it’s suitable for the Eurovision scene. It would be appropriate as a kind of soundtrack in an action movie or a teen movie. I don’t know what happened in the Bulgarian delegation, so they made a move like this, especially with the rushed announcement. Given that there is still a lot of time until the competition itself, we can expect some revamp from the song. This is realistic to expect given the negative reaction of the audience.

Although we do not know the competition and we do not know what kind of semi-final groups await us, and if Bulgaria does not make a revamp of this song, it is unlikely that the Intelligent Music Project will find its place in the final. I hope that the Bulgarian delegation will work on the improvement of this song in order to give themselves some chances to enter the finals. My rating for the song Intention is 4/10.

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