Cyprus 2022 – Andromache – Ela

Cyprus 2022 – Andromache – Ela

Cyprus has reached a new dimension at the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years, an incredible improvement. Of course, the peak was in 2018, but last year’s song El Diablo was certainly worthy of the top 10 results. It is clear how much the Cyprus delegation is investing in the selection of representatives and songs, which should be done by the delegation of each country.

This year’s representative of Cyprus is the beautiful singer Andromache with the song Ela. The song is brilliant. The perfect mix of oriental and modern sound. I especially like that the song is in English and Greek. Even the part in Greek is far more beautiful to me that sounds very sensual and seductive.

Certainly, the song Ela mi is in the top 3 songs of Cyprus in the last few years. I’m glad they came out of the classic frame, and that’s a fast-paced pop song that pretty much resembles world pop hits. After Fuego, is a very authentic song that we can’t say is plagiarism.

Cyprus is becoming a “superpower” at the Eurovision Song Contest, so I have no doubt about another safe passage to the finals. This is a sensual ballad and is specific to this year’s competition. I think that if there is a real staging, Cyprus can go very high. Cyprus, see you in the final. My rating for the song Ela is 9/10.

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