Malta 2021 – Destiny – Je Me Casse

Malta 2021 – Destiny – Je Me Casse

A very pleasant surprise comes from Malta, Destiney with the song Je Me Casse which is along with Switzerland the main favorite for victory.

Destiny is an incredibly good singer, her voice is fantastic, she sounds like a global star, like Beyonce (if not better). The Me Casse is the true perfection of pop music, it sounds worldly. It’s really modern, an urban, fun song that rightly deserves to win this competition.

I like all the elements of the song, cabaret moment is very nice to me, this song has all the predispositions to become a global hit. I really only have a positive opinion of Destiny and her song. I really like that French title, it really leaves a lasting impression.

Malta has never won the Eurovision Song Contest, I really think the time has come to finally change that. For some reason, Malta always fares worse with the audience, which is honestly not clear to me. That state through history had so many good entries, twice she was runner-up.

When the new voting system was launched in 2016, we discovered what actually degrades Malta’s songs, and that is precisely the voices of the audience.

That fact really saddens me. For example, in 2019, the song Chameleon had only 20 points by the audience, and 87 by the jury or the song Walk On Water 2016, which according to the jury was third in the finals and received only 16 points from the audience.

As some states are often greatly underestimated by the jury, this is happening to Malta by the audience as it should change this year. Malta is as much a favorite for me as Switzerland, whichever wins I really will
be happy.

Europe, please vote fair this year, don’t hurt Malta unnecessarily, that country needs many points to finally win this competition. Bravo Destiny, I can’t wait to see you in Rotterdam.

Do you believe Malta can win? Do you agree with me that Malta is greatly underestimated by the audience when they are points in question?

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