Israel 2021 – Eden Alene – Set Me Free

Israel 2021 – Eden Alene – Set Me Free

After Netta won Eurovision in 2018 with the song Toy, Israel continues to create a quality that will lead to a great competition result. This year’s Israel representative is Eden Alene with the song Set Me Free. This nice singer got a new shot after the competition got canceled.

Set Me Free is a modern pop song with a great rhythm. I liked it right away listening to it for the first time, it has really positive energy. It’s the type of song I wouldn’t mind listening to on the radio each day. I noticed that a lot of Eurovision fans expressed dissatisfaction with the choice of the song, but I truly believe otherwise, this is a great thing for the competition. Even though I have grown fond of it, I don’t think it will be a contender for the winner of the event.

I do believe Israel will go to the finals. The result is hard to predict, but I could see her in the top 10. Comparing this song to her last year’s song Feker Libi, Set Me Free is a better choice in my opinion.

How do you like the song Set Me Free? Do you think Eden Alene could achieve a good result?

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