Azerbaijan 2021 – Efendi – Mata Hari

Azerbaijan 2021 – Efendi – Mata Hari

From Azerbaijan comes another powerful woman of this year’s Eurovision, Efendi with the song Mata Hari. I noticed that in the case of the song Mata Hari, a similar situation occurred as in the song of Latvia.

Mata Hari is the next level or an upgrade to last year’s Cleopatra song. Both songs are equally good, but I personally can’t ignore those similarities. Efendi is a very talented singer who attracts attention with her exotic looks.

I don’t think so it is questionable whether Azerbaijan will qualify for the finals, but Mata Hari is not a song that will directly compete for the victory. I am very attracted to that oriental sound. Honestly, the favorite part of the song is that powerful instrumental near the end of the song.

I have no doubt that this song will really attract the audience, especially if it is a sensational performance. I hope it will bring that fiery energy on stage as she faithfully portrayed it in the video.

I wish good luck to Efendi, I have a big one expectations from her performance, which I think will be top-notch. What result do you predict for Efendi? Do you think it can compete for the win?

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