Cyprus 2021 – Elena Tsagrinou – El Diablo

Cyprus 2021 – Elena Tsagrinou – El Diablo

The newly elected representative of Cyprus is Elena Tsagrinou with the song El Diablo. It’s a very powerful pop song of top production and a memorable song that attracts attention with the title itself.

Even though the song reminds me of the songs Anywhere by Rite Ora and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, regardless of that I like it, it’s great for the Eurovision scene. My main complaint is that I think Cyprus is trying too hard to create a new Eleni Foureira so they force attractive singers with dance-pop songs. Eleni Fouriera is the one and only who conquered Europe and I believe it’s hard to surpass her.

I think Cyprus should be a little more innovative with their future representatives. I believe El Diablo will go to the finals, but I don’t see it as a potential winner but it’s realistic to expect top 10.

Elena Tsagrinous is a better choice than the singer Sandro and I don’t think he would achieve a meaningful result with the song Running. Cyprus retains quality but I believe it is necessary to try out something new and different to get them to the first place.

What result do you expect for the song El Diablo? Do you mind it’s made in the same style as global hits?

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