Germany 2022 – Malik Harris – Rockstars

Germany 2022 – Malik Harris – Rockstars

Germany had really bad results in the previous two editions of Eurovision. Although they were not in last place last year, the fact that they received zero from the audience twice in a row is not at all comforting. The jury really knows how to be very strict and damage songs that are actually very good, but when the audience doesn’t reward you with a single point, that’s worrying.

Hoping to correct the poor results, Germany changed the system of selecting representatives in order to find a suitable song. This year Germany is represented by Malik Harris with the song Rockstars. Radio-friendly pop ballad. The song is beautiful and easy.

I don’t like the part of the song where he talks, I personally wish the song was in one whole. This reminded me a lot of the duets of Eminem and for example Sie and other great singers. Rockstars is a big improvement over the last two Eurovision seasons (if I don’t take into account the 2020 season)

I think it’s realistic to expect Germany not to get zero points from the audience again but I don’t see any overly great success. Personally, I think the song is for the top 20. I hope that Germany will find a song in the future that can achieve a great result. As I said last year, Germany is either among the first or among the last, there is no middle ground. I don’t anticipate the great success of this song but it is certainly an improvement over last year. My rating for the song Rockstars is 6 /10.

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