Switzerland 2021 – Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’Univers

Switzerland 2021 – Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’Univers

Gjon’s Tears is my last year’s Eurovision winner with the song Répondez-moi that left me out of breath already at the very first listening. That song was extraordinary good.

Gjon Muharremaj is a very talented singer with a special voice, a real refreshment on the Eurovision scene. Gjon is proof that it is not necessary to sing in English in order to feel the emotion. I was really looking forward to it a new song by Gjon. Honestly, I thought it would be hard to beat Répondez-moi, but I was wrong. Although it is another ballad, Tout l’Univers is something special, pure art.

The whole universe
Our two hearts under the ground
At the centre of the rifts where everything explodes
Being at the point of impact
Without you

Among the many fast-paced, dance songs, Tout l’Univers is magical. Many consider it Switzerland overrated but I do not agree at all. This is a masterpiece and Gjon is absolutely deserved first at bookmakers.

Although not all the songs have been released yet, Tout l’Univers is a winner for me song, this must-win. I am really looking forward to his performance in Rotterdam and I hope so that it will justify my favorite status.

I don’t underestimate other songs, in fact, I like them a lot like but someone has to be my number one. I would really be happy for Switzerland to win after 33 years. We may wait a little longer. Good luck Switzerland!

Who is yours this year’s favorite to win? Do you think Gjon is justifiably the favorite to win?

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