Italy 2022 – Mahmood & BLANCO – Brividi

Italy 2022 – Mahmood & BLANCO – Brividi

Italy is my favorite country at Eurovision, every year they are my favorites. Last year’s victory of Manesca is a victory for all my winners of Italy, Il Volo, Mahmood, Diodot (I hope we will hear Fair rumore in Turin). Finally, the crown of Europe has arrived, which should have been theirs before.

I believe many fans like me still feel like Maneskin won yesterday and we are constantly listening to that phenomenal song. But the new year has arrived and a new representative of Italy at Eurovision. We will listen to the brilliant Mahmood again but this time in a duet with young musician Blanco.

Their song is called Brividi which means shiver. A beautiful love, emotional, sensual song that can not leave anyone indifferent. Blanco is a real surprise, he has a beautiful voice and fits perfectly with Mahmood. A different and special song that wins at first. With perfect music, perfect lyrics, and my favorite verse, in particular, is E ti vorrei amare, ma sbaglio semper (And I would love you, but I always get it wrong), a verse that is the story of many of us.

Brividi is absolutely winning material. Italy will surely break the curse of the host countries that have failed to achieve a significant result in previous years and try to achieve the success of Ireland, which is a victory at home. For me, Italy is also a big favorite to win this year because they have again chosen an extremely high quality and good song that is a step ahead of its time.

I am looking forward to Turin, I expect a spectacle and a lot of good Italian music. Mahmood deserved the victory this time as well, but I believe that the performance in front of a large number of local audiences is already a good enough reward. I wish Italy great success and as far as I am concerned Eurovision can stay there. My rating for the song Brividi is 10/10.

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