United Kingdom 2021 – James Newman – Embers

United Kingdom 2021 – James Newman – Embers

The United Kingdom has had poor entries for the Eurovision Song Contest for several years. Therefore, when they decided on the internal choosing of artists and songs, it was clear to me that they wanted to break a series of their bad results.

Two years in a row as the UK representative was elected James Newman. His last year’s song My Last Breath was a really enjoyable surprise. A modern pop song that I immediately liked and I believe the UK would achieve a significant result.

I have to admit that I like the song My Last Breath better than this year’s song Embers. The song is fun, full of positives energy, modern, and urban. I believe that Embers can be placed in the top 15 at least.

I am glad that the UK has introduced some changes, it is no longer just a passive participant, they already want to improve the quality and find a song that can win the Eurovision Song Contest. I wish James Newman all the best!

What do you think of the song Embers? Can the UK return to the top of the Eurovision Song Contest in the near future?

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