Lithuania 2023 – Monika Linkytė – Stay

Lithuania 2023 – Monika Linkytė – Stay

Last year’s Monika was phenomenal, her performance was excellent and I’m glad that it was recognized. This year we also have Monika, Monika Linkytė with the song Stay.

Ordinary is not very attractive this year. The song Stay is a simple, soft ballad like we heard too many times at Eurovision. It’s not catchy and doesn’t have a memorable beat, it’s not special in any way.

Monika has a very pleasant voice and it’s nice to listen to her, but I think she needs a much better song. The only advantage that Lithuania can use this year is the fact that it is in a weaker semi-final group. The semi-final group is such that a good majority of countries have a chance to pass even though their songs are insufficient, just to fill the places for the final.

For this reason, I think that Monika has equal chances to pass and not pass to the final. Honestly, I’m not thrilled with this choice and I wish there was a better song that can represent Lithuania at this year’s competition. My rating for the song Stay is 4.5/10.

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