Malta 2022 – Emma Muscat – I Am What I Am

Malta 2022 – Emma Muscat – I Am What I Am

It is rare for a country to change a song before the start of a competition, and interestingly, Malta has done so the last two times. Emma Muscat is still the representative of Malta, but the final song she will present is I Am What I Am.

I didn’t like the previous song at all. When I found out that there was a change in the song, in a way I was glad and I expected a lot of progress. But I don’t think progress or improvement has happened. The current song is even more generic than the previous one.

Sounds like a million other songs we’ve had a chance to hear so far. Emma sings really well but simply the song is nothing special. The text is beautiful but also very general. The gospel moment is also beautiful but it didn’t impress me.

When there are some changes, whether it’s a revamp song, I expect a lot more. I Am What I Am is a little better than the previous song but lacks a lot to be able to say it deserves a lot of attention. I don’t think Malta will make it to the finals for sure, but you never know. I’m sorry they didn’t make a better song but maybe next year there will be better progress. My rating for the song I Am What I Am is 5.5 / 10.

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