Italy – Måneskin – ZITTI E BUONI

Italy – Måneskin – ZITTI E BUONI

Italy is my favorite country in the competition every year. Almost every song chosen by Italy at the prestigious Sanremo is Eurovision winning material.

I have to say it is a “crime” that Il Volo did not win in 2015 with the song Grande Amore and Mahmood with the song Soldi in 2019. Those songs made a bigger impression and are more remembered than the winning songs of those years.

Last year Italy was supposed to be represented by Diodato with the song Fai Rumore that won my heart, one of the most emotional songs ever, and would surely compete for the win. Italy is a term for song quality.

This year, no more and no less, Italy is represented by a rock song. The band Måneskin performs the song ZITTI E BUONI, a real rebellious rock song. The lyrics of the song thrilled me, a real youthful rebellion. This is another in a series of winning material coming from Italy and each new entry is so different from the entry of previous years.

I would like Italy to finally win after 1990 but I don’t think that will happen this year. I would be glad if I was wrong but I think ZITTI E BUONI is not better compared to the song Soldi, I think it is a crime and a sin that Mahmood did not win. Anyway, Italy has my vote this year too !!

Do you think Italy has often been deprived of victories? Can Måneskinto break a bad tradition in not winning?

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