My top 10 favorites for the winner of Eurovision 2021

My top 10 favorites for the winner of Eurovision 2021

I am looking forward to the first rehearsals for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest because it will already be clear who will stay in the race for the throne of Europe. The current order is based on the personal impression of the songs as well as assumptions as to which individual state could pass the competition. I don’t consider all 10 songs to be direct favorites to win but I believe I can achieve a top result. But when we see the first rehearsals and live performance everything will be far clearer.

  1. Romania Roxen-Amnesia

I had very high expectations of Romania given that Roxen was one of the favorites to win last year. I really like the song Amnesia and I think that Romania will get a lot of points from both the audience and the jury. I hope she will manage to transfer that energy from the video to the stage. The live performance will be crucial in this case because this is the type of song that can achieve success or total debacle. Although the Amnesia song is very high quality, I don’t think so that it can win this year but there is great potential for the top 10 if the performance is at a high level.

  1. Bulgaria Victoria-Growing Up Is Getting Old

Bulgaria brings us special magic this year. I have a very positive opinion of this song and high expectations from live performances. Also, as in the case of Romania, I hope that magic from the video will be transferred to the stage.
I expect Bulgaria to get a lot of points from the jury but on the other hand, I think it could do something worse pass by the audience. Eurovision fans are quite divided as far as this song is concerned because according to many it is not good enough as Tears Getting Sober. But I think with a good live performance Victoria can win over the audience. Bulgaria it could be a big surprise and win, but I still think the best result will be the top 3.

  1. Island Daði & Gagnamagnið- 10 Years

Iceland definitely has positivity and humor which will surely greatly attract the audience. In these difficult times, this type of song will suit everyone. The video is phenomenal and that satire needs to be transferred to the stage. I think Iceland will certainly do their best with live performances and I think they will achieve a top result in televoting, I can do see them in the top 3. I think Iceland can win because this song will surely reward the audience, but the question is how the jury will respond to 10 Years. Either way, Iceland deserves to be at least in the top 5.

  1. Sweden Tusse- Voices

I’m not a fan of Sweden this year but the song is quality and deserves a good placement. I don’t think Sweden can win, but given how it happens every year, the jury will certainly song Voices place very high. For this reason alone, I believe that Sweden will surely be in the top 10 again, by the jury a minimum of top 5. I don’t think the audience will be very generous about their points but the jury will surely bring them up much of the results for Sweden.

  1. Lithuania The Roop- Discoteque

Regarding Lithuania, I have similar predictions as for Iceland. The Roop has a great song that has very positive energy, invites to dance and I think it will certainly have a very impressive performance. I think Lithuania can be a dark horse among favorites because few expect their victory at all but The Roop has a charisma with which it can surely win over the audience.
I think that the televoters will be on the side of Lithuania and it is difficult to predict for the jury. I don’t expect Lithuania to win, either I think The Roop could be a surprising winner.

  1. San Marino Senhit- Adrenaline

Senhit has definitely made the most progress compared to last year. With the song Freaky she wouldn’t even place in finals and with Adrenaline competes for the win. Although I adore this song and consider it world-class, it still is a small state of San Marino and it will be hard to really get to victory. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song gets the first in televoting because it is simply perfect and this is the type of song that attracts the most attention in this competition.
Miracles are possible but I am still more inclined to think that San Marino will achieve the best result in its history but without victory. This must be in the top 10 and I believe Senhit will make a spectacle on stage.

  1. Italy Måneskin- Zitti e buoni

Italy will shake up the Eurovision stage, I have no doubt about that. Zitti e buoni is a superb, rebellious rock song which in its opinion deserves a very high ranking. I think Italy will achieve a good result in televoting again,
but as for the jury not exactly. I have high expectations from Måneskin when it comes to live performances, I hope to explode rock energy. I am sure that the younger audience will surely vote for Italy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Italy really wins but I don’t know how much the jury will be in favor of this song. I expect Italy at least in the top 5 but personally
I would like a higher score.

  1. Malta Destiny- Je Me Casse

Although Malta is first on the bookmakers to win, somehow I have a feeling she won’t win. Je Me Casse is really great pop song and deserves to ravage the world’s top charts. Given Malta’s history in the competition, I’m having a hard time with to say with certainty that it can win. There is no doubt that the jury will definitely vote for this song, I expect at least the top 3 by the jury. In the case of Malta, the problem is televoting. For some reason, the audience is not generous with points.
I wish Malta great success in the competition and it would be deserved if it wins but I am skeptical even though I think everything will be world-class in terms of performance. Anyway, good luck to Malta.

  1. France Barbara Pravi- Voilà

Barbara is in my opinion the main favorite to win. Her song is absolute winning material. I think it will be first by the jury and if it is in the top 3 in by the audience, it will win. I only have words of praise for the song Voilà and I just feel that it will win (except for my favorite). I think the audience will recognize this song too but I don’t think it will be the first in televoting, it’s more realistic for me to be in the top 5 by the audience. I believe in the victory of France.

  1. Switzerland Gjon’s Tears- Tout l’univers

My absolute favorite is Switzerland. Gjon has everything it takes to win: song, voice, Karizma, magic.
I think Gjon will be the first by the audience and will be in a very close race with Barbara Pravi. One of two songs in French will surely win, it’s just a matter of who will leave a bigger impression. I think personally it will be Gjon given that the audience really loves him. I expect top performance and magic on stage and in that case Switzerland has a sure victory. Ultimately, Switzerland or France take the win, I personally think some third option is hardly possible at the moment but of course, everything is achievable when the competition actually starts. Soon we’ll find out.

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