North Macedonia 2022 – Andrea – Circles

North Macedonia 2022 – Andrea – Circles

New Eurovision year for Northern Macedonia, another powerful ballad. Young musician Andrea is this year’s representative of Northern Macedonia with the song Circles. Although there were only six songs in their national final, a beautiful, emotional song won.

The song is very deep, full of emotion with very powerful lyrics that easily reach people. I am really happy with this choice because this is one very intimate song and it really touched me. I especially like the beginning of the text which is very deep, in which she begins her emotional story.

This is one of the few songs where I was more attracted to the lyrics than the melody. That is why it is sometimes more important what is sung about that can really win the hearts of the audience. Somehow it has become common knowledge that Northern Macedonia is struggling to get to the finals and that it is more rare than common.

When it comes to the song Circles, I wouldn’t say the doors of the finale are closed. Andrea is a young and talented musician and I think she can perform this song with ease and in the right way. Emotion is the foundation and essence of this song. Therefore, if Andrea presents it properly and awakens the empathy of the audience, I think that in that case, the passage to the finals can be achievable. With the right staging and sensibility of the singer, I believe that Northern Macedonia can avoid a bad series of non-qualifications in the finals.

I would also say, that Circles might be more of the jury’s attention. For me, the lyrics are absolutely perfect, maybe I would improve the melody a bit. Anyway, a great choice for the Eurovision Song Contest. I really hope that Northern Macedonia will find its way to the finals, even if it is in tough competition. My rating for the song Circles is 7/10.

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