Poland 2023 – Blanka – Solo

Poland 2023 – Blanka – Solo

There was a lot of talk about the choice of the Polish song, and a lot of controversies. I understand why fans are upset with this choice. Poland is represented by the singer Blanka with the song Solo.

It is very clear that this is an attempt to copy Chanel and her song Slomo, but there is only one queen, Chanel, and no one can match her. Blanka is a very beautiful girl who wants to attract attention with her appearance and performance. The song sounds like one of many summer hits, a radio song, but nothing specific.

Personally, I find this song very boring and uninteresting, it is not for the Eurovision Song Contest. The very fact that there was controversy during the national election, that the song did not win fairly, confirms that it really does not deserve to be in the company of songs that represent Finland, Austria, and others.

I don’t like this song at all and I think it is a candidate for the top 3 last places. I don’t think Poland will make it to the final, in my opinion, it would be a real miracle. My rating for the song Solo is 2/10.

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