Portugal 2022 – MARO – Saudade Saudade

Portugal 2022 – MARO – Saudade Saudade

It can be said that Portugal has been on the move since they achieved a fascinating and well-deserved victory in 2017. They have struggled in the semi-finals for years and are often very underestimated, but I think the music culture coming from Portugal is finally starting to be appreciated.

Last year’s representatives of Portugal, The Black Mamba really were not my favorites and I greatly underestimated them before the competition but in the end, it turned out that they deservedly achieved a good result.

This year Portugal presents MARO with the song Saudade Saudade. 5 beautiful young girls bring the most beautiful harmony of voices to this year’s competition. They sound just perfect and my first association is like singing a song suitable for meditation.

The song is beautiful and I enjoy listening to it, it evokes peace and serenity. I had no expectations from Portugal but this choice really thrilled me and they showed their authenticity again. I think that this song will especially delight the jury and that is why I think that Portugal has a very realistic chance of reaching the finals.

I like the combination of English and Portuguese in the song, it sounds modern and you can feel the spirit of Portugal again. I’m glad they’re not giving up on their music culture which is really special. I think Portugal can make it to the Eurovision finals and that is a very realistic assumption. If they make it to the finals, anything is possible, but I still don’t see that song as a potential winner. Certainly great compliments for a great choice. My rating for the song Saudade Saudade is 7/10.

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