Poland 2021 – RAFAŁ – The Ride

Poland 2021 – RAFAŁ – The Ride

Another song that has the music style of the 80s. Poland is represented by Rafal with the song The Ride.

I was surprised by the fact that Alicja Szemplińska will not represent Poland this year either. She is a beautiful, talented singer with a special voice who would surely achieve a good result in the competition.
Her song Empires is a far better choice than the song The Ride. The song sounds like it was written by some amateur, the lyrics are pure cliché. It’s not that bad but I don’t think it’s good enough to compete.

I don’t know this singer’s songs, but they certainly could have made a far better quality song. Poland is in the group with the main favorites to win, so it is almost impossible to enter the finals. I am sorry that it did not invest more effort around the selected representatives.

If Alicja isn’t already internally selected, then they were supposed to have a national competition. This is definitely not the worst entry of this year’s competition, but the competition is too strong, there are a lot of good songs and I don’t see a chance for this song to stand out in that crowd.

Sorry Poland, more luck next year. What do you think of this song? Do you think the Polish delegation should put more effort into choosing a song?

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