Russia 2021 – Manizha – Russian Woman

Russia 2021 – Manizha – Russian Woman

When I heard that Little Big will not represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest this year, I thought that Russia obviously does not want to win the Eurovision Song Contest.

Like many Eurovision fans, I waited for confirmation that they would be re-elected but this did not happen. I only have positive comments for Little Big, I listen to them privately and I really hope that they will represent Russia in the future.

This year’s representative of Russia is Manizha with the song Russian Woman. The song is very unusual and interesting. I like the mix of Russian and English language as well as a mix of hip hop with traditional Russian music. I’m not too thrilled with this choice and I don’t think Manizha will be among the favorites to win. It is doubtful whether it will Russia will advance to the finals this year.

They have a strong voting body, but on the other hand, there is also a jury that may not like this choice too much. I believe that no state in spite of its own history in the competition cannot 100% rely on a safe passage to the finals. This is the type of song you like or dislike. Considering that like most fans I grieve for Little Big, I do not expect a significant result for Russia this year.

I want to mention that I decided not to write a review for the song of Belarus. I’m disappointed with the way the song is chosen and the song itself, that’s why I prefer not to write anything. I wish Manizhi good luck in the competition, and as for Belarus, I hope that in the near future they will return to the national selection to choose the right songs for the Eurovision Song Contest.

What do you think of the song Russian Woman? Do you think that Russia can once again be left without a place in the finals?

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