Semi-final 1: final predictions

Semi-final 1: final predictions

Eurovision month has finally begun, the performers have arrived in Rotterdam and the first rehearsals have begun. The first semi-final group is extremely difficult, in my opinion almost every country has a chance to qualify for the finals.

Unfortunately, 6 quality songs will not be able to make it to the finals. The live performance reveals the real picture, weaknesses, and advantages of all singers. My final prediction is based on a first impression, which country I would vote for, which I would not.
Also, these are the countries that I objectively think deserve to enter the finals the most.

My top 10 in random order:

1. Lithuania6. Malta
2. Russia7. Ukraine
3. Sweden8. Ireland
4. Cyprus9. Belgium
5. Croatia10. Azerbaijan

Russia deserved all the compliments, at first I didn’t like the song Russian woman at all but Manziha is a miracle. She completely won me over with her powerful attitude, the stage is brilliant, very original and this is a safe passage.

Croatia also exceeded my expectations. I know Albina is an amazing singer and the feeling for the stage is perfect, the scene is perfect and with a great deal of taste. Croatia must reach the finals !!

Ukraine lived up to my expectations. Futuristic stage with a touch of Chernobyl, simply perfect, bravo Ukraine! Lithuania has a safe passage to the finals, as well as Sweden and Cyprus. I know and believe that Malta will enter the finals without any problems, but I am a little disappointed about its stage performance, I expected far more, missing that x-factor that I can say with certainty: “It’s a winner”.

Ireland has invested a lot in their performance and we will see the final result at the semi-final evening, but I believe that it would be brilliant. Belgium has a minimalist stage performance but very effective because the song does its magic. I really hope for the placement of Belgium, it really deserves it. Azerbaijan is good by default and I believe the song itself will attract an audience.

Ana Soklič (Slovenia) has a perfect voice, but unfortunately, I think that song also a stage performance will not be enough for a better result. I am sorry that Australia is not with us in Rotterdam but hers the performance is of equal quality, but I think the song is not for a wide audience. Vasil worked hard on the stage performs but I wish he had a better song, so I don’t believe in the passage of Northern Macedonia. A song of Norway won me over when the Fallen Angel video was released, but since the stage performance is the same, the angel wings and devils, I clearly doubt this is for the finals.

I love the demo version of the Amnesia song, but it seems to me to be Roxen is having a hard time singing live and I don’t like that the video was just repeated for a live performance. I think so to reject both the jury and the audience and it saddens me because I really hoped for something more from Romania. I am very divided about Israel, the performance is good but I am not impressed, I think there is a chance to enter the finals but with this one competition cannot say that with certainty.

I am very happy that the Eurovision Song Contest is finally happening, I wish you all the luck singers and I hope the best will make it to the finals. Good luck everyone!!

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