Semi-final 1 predictions before rehearsals

Semi-final 1 predictions before rehearsals

It is less than a month until the spectacle in Turin, and all the songs that will represent their countries are known. Many are still very nostalgic for 2021, which is considered to be one of the best Eurovision years ever. We have to turn to Turin.

The first semifinal group may be considered less difficult than the second group, but there is no “free place” here either, so the fight for a place in the finals will be very uncertain.

Safe passengers to the finals
Although there are very high-quality songs, for a very small number I would say with certainty that they will make it to the finals. I believe that Ukraine, the Netherlands, Norway, Greece, and Albania will certainly ensure their entry into the finals. One of these countries can certainly win in the final, which I think is especially for Greece and Ukraine, while Norway, the Netherlands, and Albania are the favorites from the shadows.

Good luck next year
The countries most likely to secure a place in the semifinals are Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Denmark. I really don’t know what kind of miracle can happen for these countries to be placed in the finals. The band from Slovenia is very sweet to me, but the song is not strong enough. Therefore, I wish them the best placement next year.

There are 9 more countries left in the game that have real chances for the finals. Some like Latvia or not. With them, a lot will depend on the performance. I think Latvia will fight Moldova for the finals because they are very similar in energy, but in the end, I see Moldova as a possible passer-by in the finals. Although the girls from Iceland are really great for me, I think it will be difficult to get to the finals because there is Portugal that has a similar song as Iceland, so I see Portugal as a passer-by in the finals unless they are caught by their curse (shocking relegations in the semifinals). Although I love the song from Croatia, I really don’t think it will make it to the finals. Armenia and Croatia have a similar style of song, but Armenia is closing the semifinals and will likely pick up all the television votes from Croatia. I am sure that Armenia will take its place in this duel. Lithuania may be a safe traveler to the finals, but I take it with caution because Lithuania is often underestimated by voters. Switzerland and Austria are equally uninteresting to me but I think Switzerland will go further because of the jury.

Top 10 – my wishes
Ukraine, Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Lithuania, Portugal, Iceland, Armenia.

Top 10 – reality
Ukraine, Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Albania, Lithuania, Armenia, Moldova, Switzerland, and Portugal.

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