Semi-final 1 predictions before rehearsals

Semi-final 1 predictions before rehearsals

Now that the songs have been released, it’s far easier to guess which songs will be in the finale and which will have less luck. The first semifinal group is very strong, but I don’t think it’s a death group.

My prediction of which songs will qualify for the finals is based on personal impression, the quality of the song. Many may disagree with me, but my opinion may change when the first rehearsals begin. Here are the top 10 songs in random order that I think deserve to make it to the finals:

1. Ukraine6. Azerbaijan
2. Romania7. Sweden
3. Malta8. Lithuania
4. Cyprus9. Ireland
5. Croatia10. Belgium

I believe that these songs really deserve a place in the finals, but on the other hand, I am realistic that maybe at least 2 countries will not be in the finals. As for the other countries, I think Australia can surprise by going to the finals because of overestimation by the jury, although in my opinion, that song is really not for the top 26.

There is also Russia that has a huge audience that can also push her to the finals. Slovenia and North Macedonia have quality songs that are likely to attract a jury, but I don’t think the audience will be in favor of their songs, so I don’t expect a surprise regarding those two states.

Norway and Israel have equal chances with the audience and the jury
in recent years they are often in the finals, but I think that the countries from the above top 10 have much better songs and that it would be unfair not to give them a chance to score in the final. I look forward to the first rehearsals from Rotterdam because then it will be much clearer who really deserves the final. What is your top 10 for Semi-final 1?

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