Semi-final 1 review

Semi-final 1 review

We finally welcomed the Eurovision Song Contest, it was two long years without our favorite competition. Last night was the first semi-final evening and as every year we had a good spectacle and many positive and negative surprises. Here’s my review of last night’s performances:

  1. Lithuania
    Lithuania was a good choice to open the Eurovision Song Contest. The performance was great as expected, everything was executed perfectly and I am completely glad that they made it to the finals. Fully deserved and I wish The Roop all the best in the final.
  1. Slovenia
    I really appreciate Ana Soklič as a great singer with incredible vocal abilities, but her song Amen was not enough to conquer Europe. The stage performance was good and her voice was perfect, but I wish she had a better song that would surely make it to the finals. Dear neighbors good luck next year!
  1. Russia
    Manizha won me over after the first rehearsal and met all my expectations. The performance was brilliant and I really shivered because I felt her sincere emotion. She brought a special energy to the stage and was truly unique. Russia deservedly made it to the finals and I hope at least the top 10 in the finals. Bravo Manizha !!
  1. Sweden
    Sweden, as every year, had very good, high-quality production, the song was solid, but in my opinion nothing spectacular. I didn’t and wouldn’t vote for Sweden because I think there were a lot better songs than Voices. I’m sure Sweden was overrated by the jury which is already getting very irritating. I get the impression that Sweden would make it to the finals with any song that just doesn’t make sense anymore. Let the EBU classify them as direct finalists and the story is over because more and more often they undeservedly enter the finals and take the place of a better performer.
  1. Australia
    I’m sorry Australia wasn’t in Rotterdam but in terms of entering the finals, I don’t think there would be a significant difference. Montaigne is a wonderful artist and I respect her work, but her song Technicolor is not for a wide audience and I think that’s solely the reason why Australia didn’t make it to the finals. For the first time since 2015, Australia is not in the final and I think that is fair this year given the stronger competition. I have no doubt that next year we will hear a strong song that will bring Australia back to the finals.
  1. North Macedonia
    Vasil really excelled last night. It was one of the best stage performances ever for Northern Macedonia, but unfortunately, the song did not leave such an impression on audiences across Europe. Vasil did his best and I’m sorry he didn’t have a better song because he’s a very good singer.
  1. Ireland
    Ireland was one of my favorites before the competition itself. I love the song Maps. I also had high expectations from the stage performance and even though I understood the idea it didn’t work on the stage. The whole choreography swallowed the song and I think people were more focused on what was going on on stage than on the song itself. I think they should have tried something simpler, visual effects that would evoke the meaning of the song and Lesley Roy to enjoy and sing and not bother with props. I’m sorry Ireland didn’t make it to the finals but I think they themselves missed the opportunity with a complicated stage.
  1. Cyprus
    Sensual and sexy, it’s a performance from Cyprus. Cyprus lived up to my expectations and I think they should achieve a very good result in the final. The choreography was fantastic, the scene looked perfect. Bravo Elena!
  1. Norway
    I am glad for Tix that he made it to the finals because of all the criticism that was directed at him, including mine. His song won me over when the video was released and he managed to convey that emotion that lies behind his story. But I still have big complaints about his stage performance and costumes because it no longer has a place on the Eurovision stage. I think some other country had such costumes that it certainly wouldn’t have made it to the finals, in Tix’s case the song is enough without those props.
  1. Croatia
    Albina not entering the finals is for me the worst feeling and shock I have experienced since watching the Eurovision Song Contest. I have never been so disappointed that my country did not make it to the finals. This was the best song and the best performance we have had in the last 20 years and I really think it is unfair that Albina was not in the top 10. I have never set unrealistic expectations for our representatives if there really are better ones who deserve the finals. Albina was perfect, the scene was amazing and I really don’t know what more Croatia needs to do to get into the finals. Sadness and disbelief, I guess someday better days will come for Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest. Bravo Albina, Croatia is proud of you.

  1. Belgium
    The Wrong Place is one of my favorite songs this year. I love that style of music and I am very happy that Belgium has qualified for the finals. The performance was moderate and refined, the song did its magic. I am glad that the quality has been recognized and that such songs are given importance. I wish them all the luck in the finals and to achieve the best possible result.
  1. Israel
    I was surprised by the passing of Israel but on the other hand, I am glad for Eden Alena. The performance was good but I’m not happy with the vocal performance. I’m glad she managed to get a high note, but in other parts of the song it didn’t sound very good, probably the adrenaline and excitement did it’s thing. Good luck Eden.
  1. Romania
    Roxen was also one of my favorites before the competition, but it didn’t surprise me that she didn’t make it to the finals. As in the case of Ireland, I think the stage performance was wrong. I understand they wanted to bring the idea of ​​the video to the stage but Roxen didn’t come to the fore. She got lost among those dancers and I personally couldn’t experience the song. I think all the focus should have been on Roxen with minimal movements because all those movements interfered with her vocal performance. Amnesia is a great song and I’m sorry it wasn’t a better performance as Romania has been waiting for the finals since 2017.
  1. Azerbaijan
    Efendi was fantastic last night, she brought that fiery energy to the stage, got the audience on their feet and deservedly won her place in the final. Well done and good luck in the final.
  1. Ukraine
    Ukraine is my absolute winner of the first semifinal night. Unique, original, powerful, special, authentic. No one was so special, the best performance. They brought futurism to the stage, a mix of tradition and modernity. The singer’s voice is amazing, she sang with such ease. I hope they won the semi-finals and I would not be surprised if Ukraine wins the final again. Perfect and fantastic. Bravo Ukraine, you are rightly competing for the final winner !!
  1. Malta
    Malta made it to the finals very easily. Destiny was vocally amazing, that girl has a voice that can conquer the whole world. I didn’t really like the performance but all in all, it was fine. Although Malta is one of the favorites, I don’t think they will win in the end. I wish Destiny had a stronger song and blew us all away with her voice, but this performance lacks winner vibes. Maybe in the end a miracle happens so Malta wins but I think it is realistic to expect a top 5. Good luck Malta

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