Semi-final 2: final predictions

Semi-final 2: final predictions

The rehearsals of the second semifinal group are over. Both semifinal groups are equally strong. This year, all countries gave their maximum effort for the stage performance. I would say that at this moment we do not have a sure winner or a complete outsider. A very strong Eurovision year and I think we can expect a spectacle through all three evenings of the competition. The second semi-final group brings us plenty of favorites to win, and I honestly think we will get the overall winner of the competition from this group unless Italy or France introduces even more confusion into this uncertain competition.

This is my final prediction of who will win the ticket to the finals, my top 10 in random order:

1. San Marino6. Albania
2. Greece7. Bulgaria
3. Moldova8. Finland
4. Iceland9. Switzerland
5. Serbia10. Austria

Greece left a very big impression on me. Stefania is very young but again she seems so mature on stage, I expect a very high ranking, bravo Greece. Iceland exceeded my expectations, very original and special. I think Iceland has a great chance of being the first by the audience, just fantastic. Anxela Peristeri from Albania on stage acts like a world diva, dominant and enchanting. Albania continues with very impressive performances, I hope for a good result for Anxela.

Victoria from Bulgaria has taken her song to a new level. The moment I saw the rehearsal footage I felt that winner vibe. So different from everything, I like that she appeared in simple pajama-like styling. Bulgaria’s performance shows that less is more. It’s no secret that my number one favorite is Gjon’s Tears. Like many fans, I expected a predictable, simple piano scene but I was pleasantly surprised. Very artistic, sophisticated, really special. I really believe Switzerland deserves a win this year (along with France), Gjon has a full package, a winner vibe.

Estonia has an average good performance, but if Uku Suviste unbuttons another button on his shirt then he might make it to the finals. I expected a lot more from the Czech Republic, so I don’t think the current performance is enough to enter the finals. Poland is one of the pleasant surprises of the second semifinal group, a really good performance but I think the competition is too strong. Rafal is very likable but a much better song is needed for a better result. Watching the performance of Georgia, I got the impression that the singer does not want to be in the competition, in my opinion, the worst performance and a very possible last place.

Portugal and Denmark could be shocking qualifiers. I was hesitant about Austria and Latvia, both performances are great, Samantha Tina and Vincent Bueno are fantastic singers but I think the Austrian song is better and higher quality and I believe they will win a lot of points by the jury. I expect Austria to make it to the finals, which would really be deserved. Finland, Serbia, San Marino, and Moldova are in line with my expectations. Well done to the girls from Hurricane, sexy and very powerful, I expect a great result. I look forward to all the performances, this is a very good year and I hope for a tense and uncertain final until the last minute. Good luck everyone!!!

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