Semi-final 2 predictions before rehearsals

Semi-final 2 predictions before rehearsals

The schedule of performances has been announced this week, but I don’t think it will in terms of the second semifinal group affect the change in predictions of who will make it to the finals. The second semifinal group is far stronger because it has prominent favorites to win. This is my top 10 states in random order that I think to deserve to pass in the final:

1. San Marino6. Bulgaria
2. Switzerland7. Iceland
3. Greece8. Serbia
4. Finland9. Albania
5. Moldova10. Latvia

As in the case of the first semi-final group, I believe at least 2 more countries that are not on my list may achieve entering the finals. Estonia has a very high-quality pop song this year, but I think it will achieve medium good the result with the jury, and with the audience maybe even worse. In my opinion, I think Uku Suviste could be found in finals, but I don’t know how much the audience will support this song, so it’s more likely that maybe Estonia will not place though.

The Czech Republic could be one of the surprises of the evening. Omaga is a song that is sure to attract a younger audience and I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes it to the finals. As for Austria, I think it will get a lot of points from the jury. The Amen song is really quality and I believe the jury will reward it, so I think it would Austria could be the second surprise of the evening and make it to the finals.

I don’t have high expectations from Poland, I think it could achieve the last place in the semifinals, although until the live performance everything remains uncertain. For Georgia and Portugal, I think they will achieve a certain number of points by the jury, but I don’t think the audience will be generous as far as their votes are concerned. I don’t think there will be any surprises regarding these two countries.

Denmark closes the second semi-final evening and as far as I am concerned, I would let Fyr & Flamme into the finals because they are too fun, so positive. I believe that it will attract a large audience with this positive vibe, I don’t know how they will be judged by the jury. We’ll see everything in May that both you and I are waiting for with great uncertainty. What is your top 10 for Semi-final 2?

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