Georgia 2021 – Tornike Kipiani – You

Georgia 2021 – Tornike Kipiani – You

Tornike Kipiani represents Georgia at this year’s competition. I have to admit I was a big fan of his last year’s song, Take Me As I Am. It really was something completely different, a song that in my opinion should have made it to the finals. Although the text was a bit silly, everything else was just to my taste.

Tornike is a great singer, I like that scream in his voice. I’m glad he’s with us again this year, this time with a song You. It didn’t impress me as much as the song Take Me As I Am, but it’s very pleasant to listen to.

The song You creates a melancholy atmosphere, a little reminiscent of Pink Floyd style. This would be a great soundtrack to some romantic movie.

It’s hard to say how much this song will impress the audience and the jury, I personally don’t think Georgia will place in the finals because the competition is really too hard. The song is really high quality and beautiful and as far as I’m concerned it can go in the finals, but somehow I don’t think it’s realistic to expect.

I have great respect for Tornike as a singer, one of the best vocals this year that’s why I’m sad that the song Take Me As I Am didn’t get a chance because that’s exactly what it is the song best shows the splendor of Tornik’s voice.

Do you think Georgia has a chance for the finals? What is your impression about the song You?

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