Sweden 2021 – Tusse – Voices

Sweden 2021 – Tusse – Voices

I think I am speaking on behalf of many Eurovision fans (except Swedes) when I say that I am sick of Sweden being constantly so good, almost every year a potential favorite to win.

Joke aside, this year’s representative Sweden’s Tusse with the song Voices. I immediately liked the song, especially the “Irish moment” at the beginning of the song.

This is a classically good pop song that represents Sweden, top quality, Sweden is really justifiably competing for a win every year, but of course not all the songs were exactly for first place.

When I first heard the song, I remembered Polina Gagarina and the song A Milion Voices, I can’t ignore those similarities in the lyrics given that And Million Voices was a big Eurovision hit. I also take it as a complaint that Sweden has been trying with the same model of songs for 7 years, this year’s song is really good but I would like Sweden to finally choose something different and special.

Loreen (2012.Euphoria) was special and completely different and something unseen on the Eurovision scene, and that’s exactly what I want to happen again. I want Sweden to no longer be predictable, to break the expectations of the audience, and positively shock Eurovision fans.

I find that Sweden is very often overrated by the jury, which it would be shown in the end by a big difference between the votes of the audience and the jury. The song Voices is really good but in my opinion, it is not for victory because it is too basic, generic, does not stand out in the masses.

The winning song must have an x-factor, make a big impression. I expect Sweden to make it to the finals and certainly the top 10.
I hope Sweden reaches its 7th victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, but let it be with a song that will make a big mark in Eurovision history.

Do you think that Sweden is overrated by the jury? Do you think the song Voices is really for winning?

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