Ukraine 2023 – TVORCHI – Heart of Steel

Ukraine 2023 – TVORCHI – Heart of Steel

The beginning of every Eurovision year is exciting for every true fan of this competition, so we always look forward to the first songs.

For the second year in a row, Albania is not the first country to publish its song, it is Ukraine. Considering the extraordinary circumstances, Ukrainians made a great effort to hold the national competition in order to continue to be part of the Eurovision show.

It remains regrettable that the competition will not traditionally be held in the winner’s country, but I have no doubt that Liverpool, as this year’s host, will pay a great tribute to Ukraine as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

As always, expectations for the Ukrainian song are very high. This year’s representative of Ukraine is Tvorchi with the song Heart of Steel. A very unusual choice, without the classic ethnic sound, very modern with a touch of global pop music.

I really like the dramatic entry into the song, very powerful lyrics. The song is of high quality as if it was created by a very strong music production company that creates hits that dominate the world music charts.

Personally, I really like the song and I am impressed by the fact that Ukraine surprises with its choice year after year. I was sure that we were expecting another traditional ethnic song with a great influence on Ukrainian culture, but this is a positive surprise that only proves how rich Ukraine is in musical culture and accepts world trends.

Considering that Ukraine, as last year’s winner, has a safe place in the final, with appropriate staging, they can make another enviable result in Liverpool. Although I really like this choice, I don’t see it as another potential Ukrainian-winning song.

I expect a very high-quality performance that will attract the audience and I hope for a good result this year as well. My rating for the song Heart of Steel is 7.5/10.

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