Austria 2021 – Vincent Bueno – Amen

Austria 2021 – Vincent Bueno – Amen

Vincent Bueno is presenting to us in a different edition this year. Last year he had a song Alive, a dance and a fun song, but I didn’t like it too much.

Although there are divided opinions, I really like this year’s song Amen. A powerful, emotional ballad about the end of a love story.

My only complaint is the title of the song, I think something else could have been incorporated into the story of the song. The song is really beautiful, I hope Vincent will be in Rotterdam even better to show the emotions of the song.

Austria has once again shown high quality and strives for the Eurovision Song Contest to return to Vienna as soon as possible. I think Vincent will make it to the finals because this is the type of song which the jury will respect, but I believe the audience will also help with the votes.

This year we have a clash of two songs Amen. Both songs are special in their own way, but I would still prefer Vincent Bueno.

Which song do you prefer, Amen of Slovenia or Austria? Do you think that Austria will easily reach the finals again?

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