Belgium 2024 – Mustii – Before the Party’s Over

Belgium 2024 – Mustii – Before the Party’s Over

The Eurovision season is heating up, and a solid year awaits us. A pleasant surprise arrives from Belgium. In the fall of 2023, we discovered that Mustii will represent Belgium, and we’ve been waiting for the song ever since. I had 0% expectations and I was delighted when I heard the song Before the Party’s Over.

When I found out the title of the song, I was expecting some dance pop that we would all dance to and not an intriguing and powerful ballad. The song is fantastic, very pleasant to listen to, it immediately wins you over. It has developed from a gentle beginning to a revolutionary ending that reveals all the raw emotions.

Mustii sounds great and I’m looking forward to the live performance. I think this can be done spectacularly because the visual part will be very necessary for Belgium to achieve a high result. I only see one thing as a flaw in a perfect song, or rather a nearly perfect song. The essential part of the song is that powerful ending, it is “The Moment” by which you win or lose. I wish that part wasn’t repetitive, the verse Before the party’s over is repeated eight times.

If that same verse had not been repeated eight times but had been performed differently, at this moment I could say: We have a winner. Unfortunately, I can’t say that because that segment spoils the song for me, and other fans and even the expert jury will probably resent it. Belgium will go to the final, there is no doubt about that. The jury will love this song, I think this is a potential jury winner (unless I’m wrong), in the televote it will be top 10, if not top 5. Belgium can be a dark horse and win, but until we see the first rehearsals it’s difficult to give a true estimate.

Belgium hit with the choice, the song will achieve a brutal result, and maybe a victory. My rating for Before The Party’s Over is 9/10.

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