San Marino 2024 – Megara – 11:11

San Marino 2024 – Megara – 11:11

If we remember San Marino by anything this year, it is that their national election lasted until the long hours of the night, I hope it will not be like that. It took a long time, but at least we reached new representatives, namely the Spanish group Megara with the song 11:11.

First of all, I have to praise the appearance of the lead singer and other members of the group. They look very eccentric, the stage presence is fantastic and they cannot go unnoticed. As they represent San Marino, Eurovision is a great opportunity for promotion as it is difficult to predict any significant success. The song is not bad, it is very energetic, and provocative, has elements of dark rock, and has more positive characteristics than negative ones.

San Marino is in the other semi-final group, which turned out to be a bloodbath in the end. Although it seemed at the beginning that the first semi-final group would be more difficult, the second semi-final group is much more difficult. But to be honest, both semi-final nights will be demanding and only the best of the best will make it to the final. What I see as San Marino’s advantage is that it is in the second part of the semi-final night which always attracts more telephone voters.

I think that San Marino will get votes from the audience and won’t have 0 points because many fans really like this song, but the competition is too strong and unfortunately I don’t see how this country can enter the top 10. If some favorites fail, they will have a worse performance, or simply the mood of the evening should be such that people are more interested in something energetic and fun than classic pop songs. Everything will depend on that moment and those 3 minutes.

At this moment, I am unfortunately sure that San Marino will not qualify for the final, but maybe we will be pleasantly surprised. My rating for the song 11:11 is 5/10.

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