Poland 2024 – LUNA – The Tower

Poland 2024 – LUNA – The Tower

One of the most popular representatives last year was Blanka with the song Solo. Although everything started quite humiliating for her, in the end, she shut everyone’s mouth and made it to the finals. Poland once again decided on an internal selection without the influence of the audience. This type of election bothers many people because it is always questionable how correct it is, especially if individuals use personal acquaintances and connections to impose themselves as a representative of the state.

Regardless of all that, the representative was chosen, and it is Luna with the song The Tower. The song is solid, but it’s a familiar sound that we can hear all over European and world radio stations. I like it, but it matters how good it is for Eurovision. This is a pop song that can do well or flop. What I fear the most is whether Luna can perform this song as well live. I also wonder if this can make a good impression live, and reach listeners. The demo version sounds great, but often songs like this flop live.

It lacks strength, and energy, for the song to cause some reaction, some impression. To be clear, the song is nice, a radio hit, but it is not a material that can stand out at Eurovision, especially if we have a lot of songs that are real energy bombs. Until I hear a live performance of this song, it’s hard for me to make a clear assessment of what to expect. Also, I think that with the right staging, Luna can win a place in the final.

Poland is in the first semi-final night, in which we already have some obvious favorites. For now, I believe that Luna can make it to the finals, but at the same time, I think that the other performers can push her out, so in a way, it wouldn’t be a shock if she was eliminated on the first night. I only point this out because the competition is likely to be extremely strong. The jury would like this song, but they are not in the semi-finals, so it all depends on the audience that votes mostly by feeling and first impression.

I hope that a magical staging will be created with this song to win over the audience. We don’t just need energetic songs in the final, we need to have a balance. I wish Poland the best of luck and to reach the final. My rating for the song The Tower is 7/10.

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