Denmark 2024 – SABA – SAND

Denmark 2024 – SABA – SAND

Denmark has not made it to the finals since 2019, which is unusual for this country, but I have a good feeling that will change this year. Last year they opened the second semi-final, and the song was a disaster.

Denmark is represented this year by SABA with the song Sand. I must say that this song is a real refresher for me and is very pleasant to listen to. Real European pop that reaches all listeners very well. This is a real song worthy of Eurovision and I’m glad that Denmark is returning to real quality and high standards.

I can’t find any flaws and I think this is a great song. It may not be a winning material, but it has all the conditions to achieve a good result. First of all, I am sure that Denmark will go to the finals, and this song will get points on televote. The song must be delivered vocally, and it is strong and clean. SABA can work on the stage performance purely to get an overall impression.

The jury will surely love this song, they like good pop songs, so I believe that Denmark can be in the top 10 according to the jury if everything is at the top level. If Denmark reaches the final and is very convincing, they can enter the top 10, but for now, I am more realistic in believing that they will be top 15 in the overall result.

I am really satisfied with the Danish choice and Sand is a wonderful song, definitely for the return of Denmark to the final. My rating for the song Sand is 7.5/10.

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