Lithuania 2024 – Silvester Belt — Luktelk

Lithuania 2024 – Silvester Belt — Luktelk

Since 2021, Lithuania has achieved very good results at Eurovision, even when it finds itself in a collision with strong competition. What makes me particularly happy this year is that we once again have a song in the Lithuanian language that seems very magical and mysterious. I think Lithuania is ready for another very good result.

Lithuania is represented by Silvester Belt with the song Luktelk. First of all, I love that this song is performed in Lithuanian, it gives a special experience and dimension to the song. The lyrics are great, I was delighted as soon as I listened and read the lyrics. The sound is mysterious, futuristic, and seductive. A great choice for Lithuania. The song is a hit.

Lithuania is in the first semi-final group and there is absolutely no doubt that their song will make it to the final. Honestly, for now, I expect Lithuania to be in the top 3 in the semi-finals. Luktelk is a song that will be liked by both the jury and the audience. If the performance is up to par, this is a sure top-10 final result. I hope he will keep that enigma, the mystique that can certainly bring him a lot of points.

Lithuania hit the mark with the choice of representative song, I like it. My rating for the song Luktelk is 8/10.

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