Australia 2023 – Voyager – Promise

Australia 2023 – Voyager – Promise

After last year’s relative debacle, Australia decided to select representatives internally and I think they made the right decision. Australia is represented this year by the very interesting band Voyager with the song Promise.

At first, I was skeptical about this song, but when I heard it several times, I concluded that it is of very high quality. It may seem like a cliche rock song but it’s very good, I like all the elements of the song.

I think the song has good potential to create a good performance and I really believe it will be very dynamic and explosive in Liverpool. Considering that Australia is in the second semi-final group, I am 100% sure that they will make it to the final. I really think there is no fear of placement this year. I don’t expect victory, but the final is surely here.

My rating for the song Promise is 6.5/10.

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