Czech Republic 2023 – Vesna – My sister’s crown

Czech Republic 2023 – Vesna – My sister’s crown

Last year’s representative of the Czech Republic was one of the best songs in the entire competition. I was very disappointed that the song Lights Off did poorly in the overall ranking, considering that it was one of the best performances.

I still think that the Czech Republic is very underrated in the Eurovision competition, but I hope that this year will be significantly different. This year’s representatives are Vesna with the song My sister’s crown.

The first thing that really impressed me is that the song is mostly performed in the native language. As far as I’m concerned, the song is a hit. It touches on the problem of women’s inequality in society. A bit ironic, and eccentric but with the right message.

The song completely won me over, it has strong energy and rebellion. It is very melodic, with an excellent harmony of voices with an element of urban style. I would like to see the girls in a theatrical release to make a powerful impression.

Considering the difficult period that is happening in Europe, this song is a reflection of this period, and it also stands in solidarity with all women who suffer from inequality and violence.

This is perhaps the best song that ever represented the Czech Republic at Eurovision. I expect a safe qualification for the final. I don’t know if it can win, but I think it can enter the top 10. Everything will depend on what the mood of Europe will be on May 13. I think this is a dark horse of the competition, maybe it will surprise Europe with a win, but it wouldn’t be a surprise for me.

Well done Czech Republic, you have my full support. My rating for the song My Sister’s Crown is 9/10.

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