Ukraine 2021 – Go_A – SHUM

Ukraine 2021 – Go_A – SHUM

Authentic and original, that’s Ukraine at the Eurovision. After the failed 2020., a Go_A got another chance. This year they bring again the traditional ethno sounds of Ukraine. Although many countries have tried to attract the Eurovision audience with authenticity, Ukraine still succeeds best, as seen by the excellent results of recent years

The song SHUM is an interesting combination of ethno modern sound and fast rhythm. I have to admit, when I listened to it for the first time, even though I didn’t understand anything, I felt like dancing. “Dance” in the music video faithfully depicts what mood the song awakens.

I believe SHUM will win the sympathies of the audience. No doubts that Ukraine will go to the finals, I see this song in the top 15. Personally, I prefer last year’s song Solovely, but I think that this year’s selection will attract far more attention in the competition.

In any case, I expect Ukraine to be standard good this year as well. How do you like this year’s Go_A song selection?

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