Serbia 2021 – Hurricane – LOCO LOCO

Serbia 2021 – Hurricane – LOCO LOCO

Watch out, Hurricane is coming! The fiery trio represents Serbia with the song Loco Loco.

I often listen to the band Hurricane and I really had high expectations.
The song Loco Loco is a bombastic, powerful, fiery song that immediately attracts attention. Girls who are really beautiful and sexy, but apart from their looks, are also extremely talented.

Production is fantastic, I think this song will rule the charts for a long time.
For Serbia, there is no doubt that they will enter the finals. I expect that they will achieve a significant result with the audience.

If the live performance is explosive, which is expected of these girls, I do not doubt that they can get into the top 10. Serbia always brings a blend of the modern with the traditional, which is why it still is the most successful country from the former Yugoslavia at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Last year Hurricane had the song Hasta La Vista, in my opinion, a better choice than Loco Loco but almost equally good. I certainly have no doubt about another great result of Serbia.

Do you think that Serbia will achieve a high result? Did Hurricanes meet your expectations?

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