Moldova 2021 – Natalia Gordienko – SUGAR

Moldova 2021 – Natalia Gordienko – SUGAR

I am really glad that Natalia Gordienko is the representative of Moldova again. Last year’s song Prison was my guilty pleasure. Although many did not give her a great chance, I adored her, I listened to her very often.

This year Natalia represents Moldova with the song Sugar. Totally different from last year’s election.
Sugar is a fast dance song, the rhythm is great. Natalia once again showed how good a performer she is, she excelled in both genres.

The song may not be most innovative and different but it is no less valuable because of it. I really hope that Moldova will enter the finals, in my opinion, it deserves it. Who knows, maybe Sugar will also become my guilty pleasure.

I wish you all the best of luck Natalia! Did Sugar win you over? What is your guilty pleasure song?

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