Switzerland 2023 – Remo Forrer – Watergun

Switzerland 2023 – Remo Forrer – Watergun

Since Switzerland started selecting representatives internally, they have become serious competitors in the competition. Switzerland is represented this year by Remo Forrer with the song Watergun.

I had the opportunity to hear this talented singer in the Swiss version of The Voice, where he showed the splendor of his talent, so I am very happy that he is the representative of Switzerland. I liked the song immediately. It starts with a beautiful piano introduction, like a classical sonata.

The song is perfect for Remo’s voice. The lyrics of the song are very strong and point to the issue of the war that is currently happening in Eastern Europe. I reacted emotionally to this song because it perfectly portrayed what no one wants to become.

The song is perfectly composed and very pleasant to listen to. I don’t think that Switzerland will win, but I think they can pleasantly surprise. I hope that it will make it to the finals, although this could be more of a jury song, I don’t think the audience will remain immune. I hope to reach the final and if that happens I think it can enter the top 10.

If Switzerland has a powerful staging as it was in 2021, in that case, I think that with the song, Remo’s voice, Switzerland can go very far. I really like the song and I really hope for a good result for Switzerland. My rating for the song Watergun is 9/10.

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