Estonia 2023 – ALIKA – Bridges

Estonia 2023 – ALIKA – Bridges

We are slowly getting closer to Eurovision, we are discovering the competition songs, and the excitement is growing.

Estonia is again in the hunt for a new final. 2022 was very successful, the song Hope won a large number of points from the audience.

This year, Estonia is represented by Alika with the song Bridges. The song has a delightful, mystical, dramatic beginning. The interpretation of the song is very theatrical, which I like. As time passes, so does the tension of the song.

There are not so many ballads this year, but this is a very memorable song, pleasant to listen to. I can imagine it as a good movie soundtrack. I hope Alika will have proper staging; this song tells a story and is necessary to show it on stage.

I like the song, it’s very special but unfortunately, it’s probably not a candidate to win. I think Bridges can make it to the finals, especially the competition in the semi-final group.

My rating for the song Bridges is 7/10.

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