Latvia 2023 – Sudden Lights – Aijā

Latvia 2023 – Sudden Lights – Aijā

It is obvious that bands are dominating this year, which was perhaps more expected last year after the victory of Maneskin, but this year it makes up for it.

The group of countries that have chosen bands or groups is joined by Latvia represented by Sudden Lights with the song Aijā.

Latvia hasn’t had very successful results, but they will try to end this bad streak. The song Aijā is a classic commercial rock song in the style of songs by Green day or some other commercial band. This is a very solid song and I can’t find any major fault with it.

I think Latvia would have a chance for the final if it was in the second or weaker semi-final group. However, it is in the first semi-final where we already have three clear favorites to win. Also, Ireland could take points from Latvia because they present themselves with a similar style of songs, only that Ireland has a song with a more positive spirit and Latvia has a slightly darker sound.

Apart from Ireland, there is also Croatia, which deviates completely with its song. I think that this year’s problem is exclusively strong competition because, in the second semi-final, Latvia would pass without any problems.

Latvia made a good choice, but I’m really afraid that it won’t be enough to advance to the finals. Unfortunately, it is not a song that can compete for victory, and that is crucial this year, to have the x factor because an average song unfortunately has no chance.

A lot can change and ultimately the audience decides what the outcome will be. My rating for the song Aijā is 6/10.

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