Romania 2023 – Theodor Andrei – D.G.T. (Off And On)

Romania 2023 – Theodor Andrei – D.G.T. (Off And On)

Last year’s hit from Romania is still successfully ruling the charts among Eurovision songs. Llámame is one of my favorite songs of the last year.

This year, a quite different song and singer represents Romania, Theodor Andrei with the song D.G.T. (Off And On). Theodor is a talented singer, he has shown excellent vocal abilities, especially in high tones.

His performance is very rich in content, interesting styling, and the whole performance is well thought out. However, I don’t like the song at all, no matter how many times I listen to it, it is not memorable and not special. I don’t think he will stand out on the Eurovision stage and I think he is competing for last place in the whole competition.

Although Romania is in the weaker, second semi-final group, I really don’t think it has any chance of making it to the final. I don’t think the audience will be interested in this song. For me, this is one of the worse songs that represented Romania and among the worse songs of this season. Better luck next year. My rating for the song D.G.T. (Off And On) is 4/10.

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