Italy 2023 – Marco Mengoni – Due Vite

Italy 2023 – Marco Mengoni – Due Vite

I have been saying for years that Italy should win and finally last year we were in Turin. Although they had a strong song again, it was not enough to make a miracle happen and achieve a double victory.

Another returnee for Italy, with perhaps the most beautiful ballad of this year. Italy is represented again by Marco Mengoni with the song Due Vita. In a year dominated by eccentricity, Italy has dared to remain faithful to good and quality music that is enough for itself.

As always, this time I am delighted with the Italian song, unique and special. The beginning of the song has a light piano melody that is very romantic. The song has all the elements, a light introduction, gradation, and an ending. The song is very pleasant and emotional, everything I expect from a ballad.

Sanremo is unerring in its selection of winning songs, a world-class that few can compete with. As I said earlier, this is a year dominated by eccentricity. I think that Italy can stand out in the crowd of those songs precisely because it deviates from the others in style. Whether Italy can win again is hard to say.

I think that the jury will recognize this song and that it could have a very high number of points, and as far as the audience is concerned, I think that most of the points will go to Scandinavia.

I believe that Italy can be placed high, certainly in the top 10. Marco needs a minimalist performance and indulges in the song. Although I am delighted with the song, I think there are more prominent candidates to win, but that does not mean that Italy cannot be surprise. Well done for the continued quality and superb music. My rating for the song Due vite is 9/10.

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