Ireland 2022 – Brooke – That’s Rich

Ireland 2022 – Brooke – That’s Rich

Brooke Scullion, a young and extremely talented singer, is this year’s representative of Ireland. Brooke stayed in my fond memory because I followed her in the British version of the music show The Voice. Even then, she showed her talent and beautiful voice. For this reason, I am very glad to see her on the Eurovision stage.

Her song That’s Rich is very modern and urban and also a very radio friendly song. I think the younger generation of the audience will like that song the most. That’s Rich is very interesting but I don’t think there will be a highlight in Turin. I think that it is not competitive enough for the Eurovision Song Contest, and if there is no impressive performance, it will be difficult to reach the finals. Last year’s song Maps Lesley Roy is one of the better Irish songs of the last decade, but it was “destroyed” by a stage performance.

Personally, I don’t like That’s Rich like Maps, but I think that Brooke can raise the song to a higher level with his vocals and appearance. Ireland is in the second semi-final group this year, which includes many border line countries, countries that often struggle to make it to the finals.

For this reason, I think that Ireland can surprise and make it to the finals, but it must make its performance very interesting and stand out among the competition. While this is not my favorite song so far, there is a wide audience that loves this type of music and will certainly give their support. I sincerely wish Ireland good luck and I would like it to find its place in the finals and to try to regain its glory from its most successful Eurovision era in the future. My rating for the song That’s Rich is 6/10.

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