Italy 2024 – Angelina Mango – La noia

Italy 2024 – Angelina Mango – La noia

Sanremo is an Italian music festival with a long tradition and a history of successful Italian hits. A form of competition that also brings us the representative of Italy at Eurovision. I think I’m one of the many who wanted Annalisa to win with the song Sinceramente, which could win Eurovision. Nevertheless, Italy got a potent representative who will represent her country very worthyly, Angelina Mango with the song La noia.

Although the song was not my favorite for Sanremo’s victory, it is great. A very modern song, Urban Trap with a very infectious sound that will attract mostly young viewers. Angelina performs this song very confidently and that gives it a special effect. This is sure to dominate the Eurovision charts and become the ultimate hit.

I can’t find any glaring flaws with this song. It is possible that some people may not like it, but I think that La Noia wins you over as soon as you hear it. Italy very often gets worse points from the jury, but last year it was not like that because the song Due Vita is irresistible. If Angelina Mango has a very good stage performance, very effective and entertaining, I think that according to the jury’s votes, she could be in the top 5. Knowing the current competition at Eurovision, Angelina can also win a very large number of televoting points.

I believe that Italy can win televotes or at least the top 5. Angelina Mango is different, something new on the Eurovision scene and I believe that it will not go unnoticed. After Maneskin, Angelina has the best chance to conquer the European top. Although I wanted Sinceramente in Sweden, La Noia will surely leave its mark. My rating for the song La Noia is 9.5/10.

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